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iOS / Android match three puzzle game

Announcement on ending the support service for Kanahei's Small animals Piske & Usagi Go Rocket Go!

I appreciate that you were playing Kanahei's Small animals Piske & Usagi Go Rocket Go!

This app is ended up its service now because of below reasons.

We have been thought trough about how we could improve our app

as receiving a lot of your comments about one year.
While operating its services, we were trying to make the app

better for every player both puzzle lovers and Kanahei lovers

but it is hard to totally upgrade the app as operating the service.

Then finally we must overcome this hard situation.

Therefore we have decided to suspend the service of

“Kanahei's Small animals Piske & Usagi Go Rocket Go!”

on 31st Mar 2020 and begun a preparation period to review

the content to show a renewal app to you.


Thanks to all player, out app evaluated very high on iOS and Android review.

Although it is not determined to release the new one yet,

we will surely return and make all players smile.


All players’ data of “Kanahei's Small animals Piske & Usagi Go Rocket Go!” is

securely protected and will be taken over when the new version will be released.

※you need to get the ID and password to inherit your data.

We deeply appreciate for all staffs of Kanahei and TXCOM, and all players!


We hope we will see again soon and please wait further information.

1st Apr 2020

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『カナヘイの小動物 ピスケ&うさぎ とんでけロケット!』公式サイトは株式会社スタジオフェイクが運営しております。本サイトで使用されている画像、文章、情報、音声、動画等は著作権者及び株式会社スタジオフェイクの著作権により保護されております。著作権者の許可なく、複製、転載等の行為を禁止いたします。最新のブラウザ以外では、正常にご覧いただけない場合があります。ご了承ください。画面は開発中のものです。

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